If you’ve ever had a chance to taste one of these delicate treats, then you’ll know why we are pretty proud of the fact that these great wafer cookies are produced right here in Mississippi. If you have not tasted a Pirouline, then by all means, visit their website and order some! In fact, order a bunch, because you might just eat the first can by yourself and then you’ll have none to share!

From Pirouline’s Website:

Pirouline makes every moment magic. Pirouline exists because what we do best is make all the small moments in our life a little more special.

The famous Pirouline swirl is your reassurance that you are enjoying the original Pirouline rolled wafers, baked fresh every day right here in Madison, Mississippi. All of those other rolled wafers made in factories overseas (and shipped across the ocean in huge shipping containers) may try to look like Pirouline, but they don’t have our swirl. Or our fresh, delicious taste!

From Wikipedia:

The DeBeukelaer family started making biscuits in Belgium in 1860. A descendant of the original founders in Belgium, the DeBeukelaer Corporation was founded in 1984 by Peter DeBeukelaer, when he established a cookie factory in Madison, Mississippi.

Pirouline made its debut in 1984. A hollow rolled European style wafer with a trademark helical swirl, it was lined with chocolate

In 1987, the biscuit was filled with a chocolate hazelnut creme filling. Over the years, there have been many flavors of creme – French vanilla, strawberry, pumpkin spice, dulce de leche, and lemon.

The most popular Pirouline is a rolled toasted wafer lined with dark chocolate. The other variety, called “Creme de Pirouline,” has the rolled wafer lined with a cream filling rather than chocolate (which comes in chocolate hazelnut, French vanilla, and double chocolate varieties).

Originally sold in a 14 oz tin, the chocolate lined biscuits are always sold in boxes, while the cream-filled are sold in cans.

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  1. Jan shatusky says:

    How long do pirouline creme filled wafers,dark chocolate last?they are in a box,3.25 oz

  2. rita says:

    too sweet

  3. Hello, I am very interested to test the Pirouline chocolate hazelnut is it available in Turkey or Italy.

    Thank you and best regards.
    Abdu Gariani.
    Sadded Food Company.

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